After IndyPress Story, El-Kanemi’s Road Fallout Power ‘Cable’ Gets Fixed

By – Sonaike Peter

The fallout cable along El-Kanemi road, University of Ibadan, has been restored to its normal position today, Friday, 31st May, 2024.

El-Kanemi road is the major road link between residential areas such as Zik or Indy Hall and Ul Consultancy or Access Bank area.

Indypress had earlier reported about the fallout power ‘cable’, which was both in a week-long and state of danger.

(The fixed cable)

A resident of the area who pleaded anonymity with IndyPress correspondent on Friday’s afternoon, explained that ‘two members from the Department of Works came in the morning‘ to fix the cable.

The fallout power cable, which had earlier caused awkward movement for motorists, passers-by and other road users, has been confirmed fixed, with no sign or state of danger in sight.

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