OPay: There’s a New Boss in Town!

Views: 159 This is not a regular daily guide; it is a peep into the future. And guess who’s boss? OPay! Start-ups like their owners, are enterprising ventures, and are subject to several unfavourable weather conditions in the business world. They therefore need to be handled with care. Every now […]

Wired in, Wired out

Views: 166 –By: Bumblebee “Hey, my name is John Ballard and I’m here to introduce this new device that would revolutionalise the world mobile phone market…I bring to you the most advanced technology”. This is almost an everyday approach by mobile phone giant companies for marketing their new product to […]

Fists, not Wits

Views: 278 What you’re about to read is a collation of quotes and personal comment on the (mis)use of power with swipes aimed at the corrupt nature of power and at the far end is what power ought to be but failed to represent. Please take your time to read. […]

University of Ibadan fresher

Love is against You

Views: 214 Arewa, Why are you so unfortunate? That every man promised To be the crown of your head But they all ended up playing you Arewa, I heard about Adisa The accursed man that crushed your heart He broke your heart and sold your soul Why are you so […]

In Defense Of The Union

Views: 200 Ever since the heartbreaking events of the last semester which led to the suspension of the Students’ Representative Council and the leadership of the Students’ Union, the fourth estate of the realm – the Union of Campus Journalists – has taken it upon itself to advocate for the […]