Last Week in Retrospect Edition 2

Hey, folks! It’s no gainsaying that a lot has happened in the past seven days. Some issues that came up weeks ago got new twists, while some fresh issues popped up — so that it almost feels as if we are watching an unending movie. Here are our top 5 headlines for the week past, Sunday 19 July 2020 – Saturday 25 July 2020. These stories made waves in the last seven days. Enjoy our analyses!

Outrage as NIPOST imposes new charges on courier

The Punch adopted this headline on the 24th of July due to the angry reactions of Nigerians on social media platforms to the new regulations made by NIPOST. The Nigerian Postal service had earlier introduced new charges to increase costs of license to logistics and courier services across the country.
According to NIPOST, International Logistic companies are to pay 20million naira to purchase new licenses and also make annual payments of 8 million naira. Furthermore, companies who offer National services are expected to pay 10million naira and 4 million naira respectively for the above stated documents. Those that operate within regions in the country are to 5 million naira for new license and an annual sum of 2 million naira, firms operating within states are expected to pay 2 million naira and 800, 000 naira in that respect. Finally, courier firms that operate in municipals are to pay N1m for licence and N400,000 annually. For Small and Medium Enterprises, the licence fee is N250,000 while a sum of 100,000 is charged fot the annual renewal.
Following the heat wave made by reactions of social Media platforms, Dr Isa Pantami, the Minister for communication and digital economy, has denied attesting to the increase in price. In a statement made by The General Manager, Corporate Communications, Franklin Alao, NIPOST stated that the new regulations were not planned to frustrate ease of doing business rather they aimed to promote growth of MSMEs.
Is the increment going to be the new normal? What does NIPOST aim to achieve? The Nigerian Logistics Industry and citizens await the government’s final resolution.

New twists in NDDC probe saga

Nigerians will sure agree with The Guardian Newspapers for claiming there are new twists in the NDDC probe saga. This headline, adopted for The Guardian’s story for 22 July 2020, issues that arose, such as the alleged fainting of Prof. Pondei, The Managing Director of the Niger-Delta Development Commission (NDDC), the claims of the Minister for Niger-Delta Affairs that the larger percentage of the NDDC’s contract went to lawmakers, and the recent comic kind, “Honourable Minister, please off your mic”.

The NDDC is being probed by the House of Representatives for alleged misappropriation of N40 billion. And, since the probe started, the expenses analysis that has been given by the NDDC so far, is nothing to write home about. They only show that the NDDC is yet another government agency that serves as a medium to loot the nation of its treasury.

What shall we say of the suspicious fainting of Prof? Pondei, the Managaing Director of NDDC, when he seemed to sense that his analysis of expenses was not making sense to his own self? And, didn’t his fainting achieve its aim? Hasn’t he been told to no longer appear before the House?

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are. Perhaps, the President Buhari-led administration need be told that their major the selling point was an anti-corruption campaign. Does it then speak of the anti-corrupt man that the soldiers he recruited are corrupt?

What shall we also say of the said lawmakers who were privy to the NDDC’s shady deals? An NDDC insider said lawmakers are part of the 112 who got contracts from the NDDC. What’s more? They wanted 60% of a N6.2 billion project that never surfaced.

Again, gunmen kill seven in Southern Kaduna

Southern Kaduna is becoming too hot to be lived in, not due to the intensity of the sun’s rays. Far from it. Southern Kaduna is currently hell because some sets of people have continued to delight in killing. There are claims that the killers are fulani herdsmen. There are also claims — by the presidency — that the killings result from clashes from rival criminal groups. These claims are not so important, if they would not serve to curta teenage, bring the disruptors to justice and help peace return.

On Sunday the 19th, sixteen people were killed in Southern Kaduna. As if that were not enough,
gunmen, suspected to be Fulani militia, on Thursday the 23, attacked Agwala , killing seven people, including an 85-year-old man. Some locals are also claimed to be missing, and houses were razed.

It’s true that killings and terroristic acts have been occurring threatening Kaduna for some years, but this seemed to be the last straw, as the accumulated suffering culminated in Kaduna women going on a protest, naked. These women are fed up; Kaduna is fed up, and the baring of their flesh to the scorching sun is symbolic to them baring their troubled hearts, their weary hearts. This is no time for the government to act slowly; the people of Kaduna need help; Nigeria, help your own!

Arotile’s death: NAF hand over three suspects to police

She was young, she was bright, she was promising;
— being Nogeria’s first female combat pilot. She got killed, however, circumstances surrounding her death seemed shady, they still seem shady.

So, it came as joyful news when on July 24, 2020, Premium Times reported that the Nigerian Airforce handed over three suspects to the Nigerian Police. This was sequel to the same agency’s claim that circumstances surrounding Flying Officer Tolu Arotile’s death were normal.

Reports have it that a car knocked down Officer Tolu Arotile at the NAF Base in Kaduna. The driver, Nehemiah Adejoh, is said to be an unlicensed driver.

The suspects handed over to the police include the driver Nehemiah Adejoh, and the car’s other two occupants, Igbekele Folorunsho and Festus Gbayegun.

In the wake of Officer Tolu Arotile’s funeral, we cannot but think her death is shady, we can oy hope that the case would not be swept under the carpet, that the Nigerian Police Force would conduct investigations and ensure justice is done; Nigeria owes the Officer this.

The National Assembly’s call on the federal government to honour the Officer with a posthumous promotion, and its call for a re-investigation after the Nigeria Air Firce claimed that the death wasn’t shady, are highly commendable.

Lai Mohammed asks NBC to stop BBnaija over COVID 19

On Wednesday, Mr Armstrong Idachaba, the acting Director General of the National Broadcasting Corporation disclosed that he had been ordered to shut down the reality show by the Minister of Information, Mr Lai Mohammed, on the basis of flouting COVID 19 safety measures. The reality show which premiered its fifth season on July 19 2020 is one of the most viewed TV shows in Nigeria.

In response to the statement, Multi Choice stated that the organizers of the show have adhered to all the laid down rules and got the assent of the Lagos State government prior to its inception.
Meanwhile, the NBC, has in previous weeks issued out a bill in the bid to end the alleged Monopoly created by Multi choice in the broadcasting industry. Nigerians have taken to the media space to decry such moves from the ministry of information while claiming that the order is borne out of contempt.
The Reality show has been on for five days out of the 92 days intended. Fingers are crossed while Nigerians await the final decision of the NBC and the ministry of information.

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