Campus Issues with Amazon: Virtual Confusion

“Hey, girl! It’s so good to see you. You look so good.” Amira squeals.

“You’re not bad, either.” I reply as we enclose each other in a tight hug.

“Do you know that results are out? Have you seen yours?”

“Yes. Departmental courses have decided to break my heart as usual. I did well in all my borrowed courses.”

“You should be grateful, my dear.” Amira replies. “Most of the people I’ve asked about results have one complaint or the other to give. It’s like there’s a general issue with the compilation of results.”

“That’s true. So many people have complained on our department’s group chat about even their transcripts. Some complain about courses they didn’t register for finding their way into their transcripts. Others said courses they registered for weekend weren’t recorded on the transcript.”

“As if that’s not bad enough, some even have the courses on their transcripts without any score recorded in front of it.”

“But, Amira, can we say that there wasn’t enough time for results compilation even after it took us eternity to resume, unlike other institutions who resumed almost immediately after the ASUU strike was called off? Or, what could have been the cause for all that?”

”You’re funny, Sammie. How am I expected to know that? I just pity students that have these issues with their transcripts, because I can imagine the stress they have to go through before it will finally get corrected. The last time I had a similar issue with my transcript, I was in 100 level. After writing a letter and submitting a copy of the transcript to the HOD’s office as I was told to do, nothing was done about it till I gave up on my futile visits to the office. I wonder if my letter ever even got to the HOD‘s table.”

“Really? I’m now even more bothered about how the virtual learning of a thing is going to be, when ordinary results compilation is giving students this much stress,” I frown.

“As in! I really hope it won’t be way worse than the drama that has been taking place in other institutions we’ve heard of.”

“I’ve seen videos of how almost all the students taking a particular course couldn’t log onto the platform for continuous assessment, the few who could even access the platform after the duration for the test was almost over, still weren’t able to move to the next question after solving the first question. I don’t want to imagine anything worse than that.

“In this UI, we just have to wait and see, my dear.”

“Now, Amie, if we are this much bothered; what will be the fate of freshers?”

“Sammie, I can’t imagine. These guys are not even used to the system, like, they’re so new to everything. Some of them are still planning to study from home — far away from the school. They’ll have no one to talk to in person about things. Even you and I that are used to the system — as well as some other people I’ve talked to — are finding the terms being used to describe the whole process and the steps to follow in order to access the platforms really confusing. Not to talk of these freshers studying from home that’ll have no one to guide them through. I’m even wondering why UI can’t let them have physical classes.”

“That’s a question for another day. I just hope that the Tsunami at the end of this session won’t be bigger than any other one that has been recorded in the history of UI.”

“Amen oh, my dear!”


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