Indy Press Viewers' Choice Awards

Introducing: Indy Press Readers’ Choice Awards

Dear Avid Reader,

We have noticed how well you follow our weekly publications. As is normal for all humans, we’re sure that some articles would resonate better with you than others. It is based on this that we’ve decided to introduce the Indy Press Readers’ Choice Awards, also known as Best of the Bests.

Indy Press Readers’ Choice Awards is an end-of-session awards programme where you’ll vote for your favourite articles under Opinion, Features, Politics, Technology, Arts and Health.

This is in a bid to get your feedback on our most engaging articles. It will also help us know areas where we need to improve to bring you more engaging content.

We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to start on this journey with us.

We will give further information in due time.


Theophilus Femi Alawonde


Indy Press Organization

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