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Hi, Robots: The World’s Tilt Towards A More Comfortable Existence


“A car is just a robot that operates outside on roads, the purpose of a car is to amplify a person, and we think of robots in the same way — as amplifiers of human activity.” —  Toyota AI boss

The relevance of robotics and robotics technology, and artificial intelligence in today’s world is increasing. Manpower has gone from making life easier and faster, to making it more comfortable. Debates of robots taking over people’s jobs have long been silenced with the line of thought that they further create new jobs that were not in existence. It’s now clear, as on a global scale, that no one can stop globalisation (since innovation abound every day). Robot involvement in our everyday lives can either pass as a movement on the right track or one for the cancel culture. In a world where the presence of robots in our day-to-day lives is seemingly inevitable, what should you know about robots?

Domestic Robots

Domestic robots are specially designed to do specific household chores and other home services. The high-level autonomy of these domestic self-run machines gives them an edge to carry out daunting task like cleaning the window panes of a sky scrapper or a high-rise building. Humans are somewhat limited in this regard, and they can hardly perform tasks like this accurately.

It is about time we considered a getaway from the stress of everyday chores. 24 hours is not enough, and with the advent of domestic robots, chores can easily be taken off the daily to-do list. One can’t overlook the fact that some DIY task have become Do It For Me. 

The workplace isn’t left out. In the words of South Korean labour minister, workers must give room to adjustment for co-working with robots.

Robots: Transformers?

Yesterday was filled with dumb and boring robots used for industrial purposes. Today, we have the likes of Alexa and Siri. What will tomorrow bring? The programming of robots with machine language has aided the transformation of robots into mobile-friendly devices, and this is an exciting innovation. However, top-level robotic innovations are somehow far off, as opposed to what is projected in movies. As seen in some existing robots, domestic robots have problems with the localised nature of different homes. On the robots’ training and background, virtual reality has it limitations, as it cannot fully envisage everything that will happen in reality. More so, with privacy becoming a growing concern, many might not trust manufacturing companies not to use devices to steal their data or collect private information about them.

Robot Chefs, Waiters, Cleaner: Can Life Be Any More Comfortable?

As many companies like Goggle, Toyota, Samsung, Amazon continue to invest big in AI robotics, exciting innovation frameworks are still in the pipeline. One existing robot to highlight is the Eufy RoboVac 35C Robot Vacuum Cleaner which features a lean, self-charging robotic cleaning machine. It works with Wi-Fi, has a voice control feature, and cleans hard floors to medium-pile carpets. Another is the Auto Riley a robot for home security cameras that don’t capture a complete view of your house. Connected to Wi-Fi, Riley travels around your home using a night vision camera and motion detectors to look for suspicious activity, and can send alerts to your phone. It also has a built-in mic, which lets you listen in on what’s going on around your house. 

Outdoor and Indoor domestic robots might just be the highway to bypass the routine tedious cleaning and washing chores. The review of some existing domestic robots doesn’t seem great. However, If you are optimistic with what you read, you might need to wait a little while to see a perfect domestic robot, just like in the movies.

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