Independence Hall Health Committee Engage in Clean-up of Hall Water Tanks

By: Eriomala John

On Saturday, the 5th of November,  2022, members of the Health  Committee of the Great  Independence Hall, along with volunteer Hall residents engaged in a  clean-up of the A, B, and C Block tanks. The routine clean-up, which was a  follow-up to others that had taken place earlier in the year, was carried out between the hours of 9 AM to 10 AM in the morning.  

This led to the unavailability of water for parts of Saturday; with quite a few  Katangites claiming to have had no idea such an exercise was to be carried out.  However, according to the Health Commissioner, Akinkuade Waheed,  announcements were made on Wednesday regarding the exercise taking place via WhatsApp groups. He also said that the failure to announce via the Public  Address system, as had been the norm, was down to a lack of access on his end. 

It should be noted that the aforementioned tanks are the major source of water for residents of the hall as well as neighboring halls, especially during periods of continuous power outages.

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