Campus Issues With Amazon: Becoming a Uite (Part 3)


How to be a Spiritual Student

I must congratulate you if you are a fervent religious adherent. You have God, you can never fail because the God of four points is yours. Make sure to identify yourself with a religious group if you’re yet to do so, it is very fundamental to your overall well-being. After you’ve done that, there are things I must tell you beforehand.

First, you must never engage in the act of disrespect but make god-like humility your watchword. Don’t view those who are appointed leaders over you as students like you and start addressing them by their name, which is a disrespect to God whose representatives on earth they are. Call them popsy/mumsy, alfa, etc, respect God through them and God will reward your humility.

You also need to know that when they talk to you, it’s God talking to them through you. Always obey them when they direct you. Observe disciplinary vigils or prayers you are given whenever you do the wrong things; things like being absent from religious meetings or not standing up in a time when you’re asked to move to the front seat due to being too tired because of academic activities. That’s you not putting God first as you should, so, you need to be disciplined. Remember, whatever you do to them is done to God.

Once you’re not found wanting in humility and attendance of religious meetings, crown your efforts with marathon vigils during exam time, and feel free to “kabash” or put a scarf on your roommate’s head so it can cover her hair whenever you want to observe your prayers. Anybody who feels disturbed by your loud prayers or polite request for compliance to your religion’s prayer requirements is an enemy of God, He will reward them accordingly. Let other students see and feel how devoted you are to God; God will look at your actions and reward you with enviable excellent grades.

How to be a Spiritual Leader On Campus

Now that you have been ordained by God as His representative on earth (on campus), it’s something worthy of congratulations. So, I congratulate you. I know you’re a minister or servant of God, called to serve Him and see to it that students live according to His ways. That is why I am here to tell you the important things you need to know so that you’ll be able to carry out the important tasks ahead of you.

First and most important of all is that you must make it clear to the brethren that you speak nothing of yourself to them except what God speaks to them through you. I’m sure you still remember that you never had any leadership ambition, it’s only because God loves working in wondrous ways that he chose you as His minister (having seen the humbleness of your heart). It is very important that the brethren be reminded as often as possible that your voice is the voice of God (speaking through you). That will make them understand that your words must be revered, and prevent them from dishonouring God through (dishonouring) you. You are doing all this from a place of the love of God that you have for them, you don’t want them to experience what it is like to be punished by God for dishonouring His (servant’s) words.

You must also understand that you have to carry yourself in a holy manner. Walk with a spiritual gait, speak in a spiritual way, and dress like a true servant of God. Why is that important? You make it easier for people – the brethren and unbelievers alike – to respect you as a servant of God. They’ll remember to refer to you as Pastor, Steward, Alfa, Imam, or any other role (no title) to which you have been assigned by God to serve Him. That’ll in turn make it easier for you to instruct, correct and discipline the brethren as the need may arise.

Yes, discipline, that’s another very important thing. You must never overlook things like little acts of disrespect or disobedience to God (through you). Now, that’s not because your mind is being disrespected, definitely not. It’s actually for the sake of the erring brother or sister as well as others who might want to emulate such ungodly acts. When you discipline that erring member by having them stay and pray for extra hours after a religious meeting, or observing a fast, it brings such a member closer to God. When they know God more, they will know not to disrespect (servants of) God ever again; and other brethren will not emulate their rudeness.

In addition, do not forget to teach the brethren about the importance of giving to God because God loves and blesses cheerful givers in abundance. They will be depriving themselves of…

…to be continued


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