Campus Issues: Strike Action

Leave assignment talk for now jarey, Tade. You go dey your room for evening? Make I come raid your room carry anything wey I fit carry. You know say I no go house for break, make hunger no come join stress finish person for this school.

No be you dey form far from home? Or you go house dem chase you comot? I no even pity you, you know say camera don dey everywhere. Before you close eyes, open am again like this, dey don carry you go where you no know.

Na your room the camera dey? Wetin concern me concern camera, when no be say I dey carry gun come rob for your hall. Na for your room I get business, and camera no suppose reach that place.

As you dey talk now, I just dey reason something. If you no sabi wetin you go talk now, you know say you fit enter one chance. If you go lose guard abuse VC or hall warden for where camera fit carry am, your own don fry be that.

Tade, na true o. I never even reason the matter go that lane. But, CSO talk say no be for privacy infringement nao. Or how you take reason am?

“You sabi say na Naija we dey, anything fit sup o. If dem carry person reach SDC, e go dey follow dem blow grammar? Even if e quote law pass SAN, dem fit still tell am say make e pack hin load dey go hin papa house. Wetin e wan follow dem drag? Say dem infringe on hin privacy?

This thing no jell sha, cos freedom of speech no dey for student be that nao. Even if you wan talk wetin lecturer do you wey no good, you go come dey fear, dey look around like person wey wan thief something to see say camera no dey where you dey talk.

Normally, freedom of speech no dey this country before. If you come enter this school, your freedom wey no dey before don reduce. Even before camera dey, you fit talk anyhow? Small thing, dem go remind you say na character first before learning, anything wey put comma for your character like this, na to sope otilo o. Anyway, you fit talk sha. Nobody go hol your mouth say make you no talk nao. Na after you talk finish you go sabi say you no suppose misyarn. So, freedom of speech dey, na freedom after speech no sure. If you want make your freedom still dey after you don talk finish, no go misyarn. Gaskiya.

You don finish talk, jarey. We go dey alright last last. Wetin me I know be say, so far camera no reach your room, na to dey loot you dey go. Even if camera still reach your room, a-looter go still continua.

Victoria sef ascerta join, my friend. I dey room, I no dey go anywhere.”

As we dey talk about aluta now, I just remember say ASUU dey reason strike matter again. You don hear?

I hear am o, but I no wan believe cos strike matter don tire me for this school. Make person never finish one session since 2021, na until person grow white hair for this school before e go graduate?

The matter tire me, my guy. E come be like say na every year strike dey happen now. If thunder sef dey strike like this, how many people for remain?

E come be like say dem just dey take person life play kite. Small thing now, dem go talk say ‘learn a skill, don’t sit idle during the strike, the strike is a blessing in disguise’.”

Tade, na that ‘learn a skill’ talk dey vex me pass. If to say na skill I wan learn, I no sabi where I go learn am before I come uni? Even if I wan learn skill, all the strike wey don happen never reach me to take learn? Strike come turn annual anniversary.

Even as you dey learn the skill, no be so dem go end the strike at any time wey you no expect come dabaru everything wey you dey plan? If person don graduate in peace, you no go sabi how you wan take plan your life?

As the matter dey vex me, I no even wan talk too much cos nothing wey our talk fit do even if we talk from now till tomorrow. If dem wan strike, dem go still strike. I just hope say dem no go strike.

Na so me sef dey hope like this, make person no even talk too much come misyarn. We go see for evening, my guy.



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