The Torch Has Been Lit, the Fire Has to Keep Burning

The greatest challenge to organizations is the balance between continuity and change. You need both. At different times, the balance is slightly more over here or slightly more over there, but you need both. And balance is basically the greatest task in leadership. Organizations need to have continuity, yet, if there is not enough new challenge, and not enough change, they become empty bureaucracies, awfully fast. – Peter Drucker.

Change is one of the inevitable things in life, but to ensure its effects are positive, there has to be great continuity. At Indy Press, that has been the case in previous years, and it is time for yet another cycle.

John Dare Okafor received the mantle of leadership from Theophilus Alawonde in October 2021 and it has been a period of immense growth for Indy Press. During Theophilus Alawonde’s time as Editor-in-Chief, it seemed as though the bar had been raised to the highest possible point, and the only achievable aim was to maintain the standard.

Theophilus Alawonde’s reign as Editor-in-Chief coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, the organization stayed true to its reputation and ensured the reportage of events as they concerned UItes and the entire University ecosystem. In the end, it was not a surprise that he bagged the JCI FOPA Award. Also, Indy Press won the Best Editorial Award, Best Hall Press Organisation Award, and Overall Best Press Organization.

Members of the organization were also not left out, as Indy Press journalists won the Best Features Writer; Best Political Writer; Best Satirical Writer; Most Promising Campus Journalist of the Year; Best Graduating Editor-in-Chief; Best Campus Journalist.

However, great may not entirely capture the amount of work that the outgoing Editor-in-Chief John Okafor has put in to ensure Indy Press did not just maintain the standard but also improve on what was already in place.

John Okafor is one of the longest-serving Editors-in-chief, using almost 18 months in his position because of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike that lasted for about nine months. Still, he has made giant strides. This session, Indy Press has consistently churned out the stories that matter. The organization has served its purpose as the watchdog for public officeholders, ensuring that the stories that would drive change are told, and even educating the readers.

As a testament to the great work that the organization has done this session, there have been many efforts to gag the Press, by word of mouth and by actions. Members of the organization have often fallen victim to cyber bullying not just by office holders, but also by their supporters. And this has become the norm, especially this session, but it is not a surprise, as the university is just a microcosm of the larger society. 

Nonetheless, there have been some big wins this session, and there are more to come for sure. One of the new kids on the block John Eriomala was the best Inductee at the last Union of Campus Journalists(UCJ) induction, Outgoing Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Precious Akinmoyeje, emerged winner of the Fisayo Soyombo Interversity Essay Contest. Ahead of the upcoming UCJ Dinner and Award Night which holds on the 6th of May, Indy Press made the shortlist for the Best Hall Press and Overall Best Press Organization. Also, some of our journalists are sure to win some of the individual awards on the night.

These achievements are proof of the great work that the Outgoing Editor-in-chief has put in. His drive and his push has often kept all the members on their feet. And the desire for more has rubbed off on everyone at Indy Press.

However, that great run has come to a halt momentarily. The outgoing Editorial Board’s race is over. And looking back, it is safe to say that they have run a great race. But aside from that, they have impacted the members (some of whom will form the new board) with some lessons. 

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the next session would be a crucial one for Indy Press. Some of the most experienced hands are leaving. Aside from the Editor-in-chief John Okafor, the Deputy Editor-in-chief Precious Akinmoyeje, who has also served as Politics Editor in the past is graduating. Also, Emmanuel Ilesanmi, the former Managing Editor; Pelumi Adeniyi, former Arts/Entertainment Editor; and Ayodele God’s Treasure, one of the veterans on the team are all graduating. 

Moving Forward

Because of our recruitment system, there are already solid replacements. And this is not rocket science; it is because of the practices we have applied over the years. We do not just go for the best hands, we also look out for raw talents that could be polished into fine materials in the long run. 

Aside from that, we look out for commitment. This has been the recipe that has performed magic over time, and it would surely come in handy next session.

Just like the previous team, the new Editorial Board would have to work as a team to ensure the quality and quantity of work continues to be top-notch. But in all these, our readers are our most-prized asset. We urge you to keep up with us and keep the belief that anything that comes from us must be the truth and devoid of sentiments.

Editorial Board for 2022/2023 Session

Kelvin Omachonu – Editor-in-Chief 

Habeeb Akorede Abdul – Deputy Editor-in-Chief 

Ayodele Aduwo – Managing Editor

Toluwalope Ayeye – Features Editor

Ajadi Sodiq – News Editor 

Emmanuel Utibe – Politics Editor

Eriomala John – Arts and Entertainment Editor 

Lawal Damilare – Sports Editor 


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