Indy Press Journalist Wins Election to Become New Editor-in-Chief of UCJ UI.

By: Ajadi Sodiq.

Former Politics editor of Indy Press Organization, Abdulrahman Adebayo on Tuesday, 2nd of May, 2023 emerged as the new Vice President Editorial of the UCJ UI.

Mr. Abdulrahman was the former Politics Editor of Indy Press organization. His works have won him a variety of awards at the University and beyond.

The election was conducted online, and it required each Local Press Organization (LPO) to provide three delegates. It was carried out within the stipulated time from 9 am to 3 pm on Wednesday.

Mr. Abdulrahman who ran unopposed, pulled a total vote of 93, while eight votes went against him.

Speaking to our correspondent after winning the election, as the Vice President Editorial, Mr. Adebayo expressed his gratitude to his supporters and voters including the union and also spelled out his promises as promised according to his manifesto.

When I decided to run for this post, I ran on two basic things – on my track records of excellence and operant commitment to campus journalism, right from my induction in 2021. I feel like the position of Editor in Chief UCJUI is a position of trust and now that members of the Union have entrusted me with this office, the only thing I can say is I’m going to ensure that I do not betray that trust,” Mr. Adebayo said.

“I also believed that as stated clearly in my campaign that this mandate given to me is a call for me to raise the bar of editorial excellence in the Union to the office of the Editor in Chief to our editorial activities the badge of excellence that I’ve always worn and carried about in my personal activities; I need to bring it to that office. And special gratitude to everybody who supported me and especially my brothers from IndyPress Organization,” he added.

Additionally, the handover program of the newly elected executives will be done at the UCJUI dinner on Saturday, 6th of May 2023.

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