Independence Hall Holds Congress, Elects New KREC Members

By: Ajadi Sodiq

On Monday 8th of May, 2023, The Independence Hall executives called for a Congress, inviting all Katangites to the hall Hall’s quadrangle.

The congress was held to increase the political participation of Katangites and foster their awareness about candidates emerging from the Great Independence Hall for various posts across different departments, faculties, and at the Students’ Union level in the University.

Also, it was for the election of members to that would make up the Katanga Republic Electoral Committee.

At the congress, The Administrator General, Adejumo Uthman AKA Wemmy, announced the election of Katanga Republic Electoral Committee (KREC) members, and five people were nominated.

The voting of the KREC members was conducted among five nominees – Olaniyi Fashola, Idoko Adoyi, Idris Salau, Hon. Akinmode Daniel, and Ayoleke Oreoluwa.

Idoko Adoye, Olaniyi Fashola, and Ayoleke Oreoluwa were elected with 60, 45, and 35 votes respectively.

“Mainly, the importance of this congress is about the progress of the Hall because we have to select the electoral committee so we can start getting new set of excos because we are about ending the present administration.

Also, this is to strengthen brotherhood, and usage of brotherhood bows down to the progress of the Hall and before we can get the progress of the hall, we have to come together and decide on some particular things and issues – so it’s for the progress of the Hall,” The Independence Hall AG, Adejumo Uthman told our Indy Press.

The congress also witnessed the collection of hoodies by residents of the Hall who paid their dues completely during the registration period

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