Mr & Miss Fresher: Again, Zikite and Awoite Clinch Victory

By: Ajadi Sodiq

Oladoja Ayomide (popularly known as Yummy), a Zikite from the Department of Mathematics, was crowned Mr. Fresher in the recently concluded Variety Night which marked the end of the UI’SU Freshers Week Orientation Programme.

On the female front, Adesina Muslimat, hailing from the Department of Biochemistry and an Awoite, emerged as Miss Fresher.

The prestigious competition unfolded on the evening of Friday, September 15th, at the NFLT venue. This event showcased a spirited contest among nine participants, comprising three male and six female contestants.


1. Bakare David (Bobby) – Tedder Hall, Department of Economics (2nd Runner Up)
2. Hameed Sodiq. A (Sperrow) – Great Independence Hall, CLA (1st Runner Up)
3. Oladoja Ayomide (Yommy) – Nnamdi Azikwe Hall, Mathematics (WINNER)


1. Olusegun Ayobami (Olamide) – Queen Idia Hall, Philosophy (2nd Runner Up)
2. Enifome Ari (ARI) – Obafemi Awolowo Hall, Veterinary Medicine
3. Adesina Muslimat (Tinuola) – Obafemi Awolowo Hall, Biochemistry (WINNER)
4. John Favour Emiliana (Emiliana) – Obafemi Awolowo Hall, Educational Management
5. Adediji Oluwadamilola (Harleydamzz) – Queen Idia Hall, Veterinary Medicine (1st Runner Up)

The evening’s festivities included a wide array of programs such as question-and-answer sessions and captivating musical performances by artists including Rosemary, Medoh, Tobi, Pof-T, and many others.

Throughout the event, various contests were organized to assess the contestants’ suitability for the titles. These contests encompassed aspects like representing their cultural backgrounds, answering questions, and showcasing their unique talents, among other criteria.

Remarkably, Nnamdi Azikwe Hall secured the title of Mr. Fresher for the second consecutive year, making it a remarkable back-to-back victory for the hall. Meanwhile, Obafemi Awolowo Hall clinched the Miss Fresher title for the third consecutive year since 2019, solidifying its dominance in the contest.

Speaking at the event, Kayode Mercy, 100 level, a student of the Department of Economics, shared his experience at the event, being his first party on campus: “It’s really nice and interesting. I had the opportunity to cool my stress and to meet different people. Also, feeling the energy of UItes when it comes to party.” He said.

Oladoja Ayomide (Yummy) spoke to Indy Press after his victory at the contest,
“Well, it feels great and unbelievable to be the new Mr. Fresher. Everything that happened last night felt like a dream, but I woke up this morning to find out that it wasn’t.” He expressed.

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