SEALS Cup: All You Should Know About This Tournament. 

By: Lawal Damilare 

It is no longer news that the Seals Cup has arrived, the cheers, social media campaign, and the banter have gotten a lot of UItes talking.

The opening eremony was top-notch, and it filled UI football lovers with a hunger for more to come.

In recent weeks, it has become a common sight to see department teams assembling to train at the SUB pitch- all with the goal of becoming UI’s best football team.

In this article we would be examining the SEALS Cup and everything you should know.

The SEALS Cup for the 2022/23 academic Session kicked off on the 29th of September 2023, at the SUB Pitch. The opening ceremony commenced an hour earlier than the kick off.

This edition includes 32 teams slotted into eight different groups, Originally, the Seals Cup started out with 16 teams but later increased in the 21/22 edition.

What is the Tournament about? 

The competition name “SEALS” is an acronym for its founding faculties — Science, Education, Arts, Law, and the Social Sciences. In his tenure, the erstwhile Sports Secretary Babatunde Olawale (OJB), confirmed that the SU agreed on a franchise with Samuel Adediran. This is secured on a promise of expansion.

The competition usually runs around a schedule of three weeks. The first round which is the group stage would see four teams play three games each against members of their groups. Then, at the end of the group stages the two best teams qualify for the round of 16. 

The first team would be awarded a grand prize of a hundred thousand plus medals; the second fifty thousand and medals; while the third would go home with twenty five thousand naira and medals.

In the minutes of a meeting which was purportedly held during the press conference. There are also provisions for individual prizes.

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