“There Is No Need To Pay”- Etana Clarifies As Caution Fee Rumor Lingers

By: Oluwadamilare Lawal

The University of Ibadan Students’ Union Sports Secretary Etana, has confimred that there is no need to pay any fee to use the SUB pitch.

The SUB pitch has been one of the only available football pitches for football activities so far in UI.

Most students and outsiders opt to use the pitch because it is the closest to school area, and it is easier to use unlike the Awo Stadium. Several departments and faculties make use of the pitch for training until recently.

There have been rumours of a certain caution fee requested to use the SUB pitch. First, the process requires to get a letter, then students would have to pay a caution fee to ensure the facilities are not damaged.

However, an Indy press Correspondent reached out the UI SU Sports Secretary for clarification. And he confirmed that those rumours were untrue.

“There is no payment needed to use the SUB pitch. The Chairman of the Sport Council has said it clearly that there is no payment at all,” Etana said.

“When I heard about it, I reached out to the chairman and he assured me that there is nothing like that. Anybody that has any complain should reach out to me. I would make efforts to send a release to all faculty and Hall sport secretaries.“

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