Katanga Spotlight

Katanga Spotlight: An Interview With Amuletiko Pelumi

This week, Amuletiko Stephen Pelumi, an entrepreneur, NUESA’s Public Relations Officer and a final-year student of Educational Management was interviewed by Sonaike Peter for Indy Press. The conversation centered on his background in business, his education, and student leadership.    Hello, can we meet you? My name is Amuletiko Stephen […]

Katanga Spotlight: An Interview with Casablanca

For this week’s Katanga spotlight, Gideon Oyeyinka, a correspondent for Indy Press, interviewed Casablanca, a famous social media influencer and content creator. In the course of the interview, they discussed his career, academic experiences and his lifestyle. Enjoy!   Can we meet you? My name is Okunade, Timilehin Emmanuel, I’m […]

Chidera Anushiem: An Award-Winning Campus Journalist

In this week’s edition of Katanga Spotlight, Oluwapelumi King, a correspondent for Indy Press, interviews Chidera Anushiem, erstwhile Editor-in-Chief of Indy Press (2019/2020  session), and award-winning campus Journalist. The conversation covers a range of topics, including his personal and illustrious Campus Journalism career, the challenges of being a student journalist, […]

An Interview with Afolabi Nasirudeen

On this week’s Katanga spotlight, Indy Press Correspondent, Olúwagbemiga Odunukan, interviews Afolabi Nasirudeen, popularly recognized as Nas, the incumbent president of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ibadan. Nas walks our correspondent through his journey in UI thus far, he speaks about politics, service, business, academics, and what the future […]

Katanga Spotlight

Indy Press had an interview with the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of Indy Press, Theophilus Femi Alawonde – a multi-award winning campus journalist. He discussed his journey so far, journalism in UI, impacts and the future. Do enjoy! Can we meet you? I am Theophilus Femi Alawonde. A final Year student of […]

Katanga Spotlight: Samuel Adegoke

On this week’s Katanga spotlight, Indy Press Correspondent, Timileyin Akinmoyeje, interviews Samuel Oluwasegun Adegoke, popularly known as Honorable Smart, the Speaker of the Indy Hall House of Assembly. They discuss politics, leadership, legislature and other things. Enjoy!  Good afternoon sir, Can we meet you? My name is Samuel Adegoke Oluwasegun. […]